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(A) College Introduction

River Arts Inc was registered by the Australian Cultural Organisation in July, 2011 to promote and educate in traditional Chinese culture, music, dance and arts. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious arts college. River Arts Training College utilises the teaching of music, singing, dance rehearsal and performance to promote,spread and carry forward Chinese Classical Arts in Australia.

(B) Content of Courses

Rhythmic Gymnastics – RG with equipment : Ball, Rope, Hoop, club and Ribbon
Dancing – Chinese Dance, Ballet, Classical dance, Jazz and International Dance (Modern Dance)

(C) Schedule and Venue

Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Classes :start on 01/08/2017 (Tuesday afternoon) 4.30 to 6.30PM.

Dancing Classes : start on 09/08/2017 (Wednesday afternoon) 4 to 6 PM.
Venue : 218 High Street, Preston 3072 (300 metre from Bell Street Station)

(D) Introduction to Instructor

Helena, a chief dancing choreographer of the Australian Oriental Dancing Group, studied in Singapore and after graduating, worked as a dance instructor for the Ministry of Education of Singapore, gaining more than 10 years of teaching experience. She led the students to participate in the national dance contest and many times scored the gold medal for the school and has also trained a lot of excellent students, sending them to the rhythmic gymnastics national team. She also served as the Singapore gymnastics festival rhythmic gymnastics referee and many times participated in Singapore’s large-scale performances (National Day, Chinese Arts Festival, Facial parade, etc.). Helena has won the Chinese fitness contest, has Chinese national level coaches qualifications, and Senior Teacher certification from the Chinese Music and Dance Artists Association.

(E) Teaching Method

● Teaching in small groups
● One-to-one coaching

(F) Teaching Characteristics

● Different student ages and different interests vary in terms of different teaching and classification guidance.
● The carrying out of various forms of teaching, in order to avoid boredom, monotony, and to increase fun learning.

(G) Payment

Group classes:
Rhythmic Gymnastics: $25/hour (total $350 for 14 weeks)
Dance: $20/hour (total $280 for 14 weeks)

A $30 discount applies for upfront payment of the total fee for the 14-week course.

● Individual classes:
Rhythmic Gymnastics/Dance: $80/hour

Fees are non-refundable.

(H) RG Equipment and Shoe Cost
Equipment — Ball: $30 ; Rope: $20 ; Hoop: $20 ; Club: $28 ; Ribbon: $32 Toe Shoes: $25

For more information:

Phone:0421 713 588 (Helena)

Email: info@riverarts.org.au Website: http://riverartseducation.com.au